BSF Matthew Lesson 16 Day 3

6.  In Matthew 15:11, I think Jesus was saying that what is taken into their mouths as food or drink did not affect their souls. But what comes out of their mouth as speech reveals the condition of their soul/heart/mind.

The rabbis taught that eating food with unwashed hands and eating food forbidden by levitical law did corrupt the soul.

7.  a.  The disciples warned Jesus that the Pharisees were offended when they heard His statement regarding what goes into one’s mouth.

b.  Every tree not planted by the heavenly Father will be uprooted.

c.  When a blind man leads a blind man, they will both stray from the path and neither will arrive at their intended destination. Even worse than that, they will both fall into a pit.

d.  According to Mark 7:17, Peter wasn’t the only one who felt in the dark concerning the parable of what goes in and out of one’s mouth. Peter was bold enough to ask. Having grown up under the law, they couldn’t understand why Jesus would minimize the importance of dietary laws. And the idea that corruption could result from what came out of one’s mouth completely stumped them.

Religious blindness is still more difficult to heal than physical blindness.

8.  a.  Thoughts give birth and bear fruit. Evil thoughts produce evil speech and evil actions such as sexual perversion, violence, greed that leads to unethical business practices and stealing, hateful and obscene language, gestures, and looks, lying and slander, arrogance, pride, and foolishness. 

b.  As far as the east is from the west. Why should I bring up memories of sin if God doesn’t even remember them?

I used to confess certain things over and over again. They would invariably come to mind when I tried to pray or worship. I would start beating myself up and asking for forgiveness all over again.

One day I realized these reminders weren’t from the Holy Spirit. I began to thank God for His grace and His mercy, His blood that made me white as snow, etc. For some reason those reminders stopped.

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