BSF Matthew Lesson 17 Day 2

2.  a.  Of all people, the Pharisees should have recognized the Messiah based solely on their knowledge of the scriptures. Because Jesus didn’t conform to their mental picture of the Messiah, they rejected Him. They were blinded by their own evil hearts which were far from Him.  

Conversely, Anna and Simeon recognized Jesus as the infant Messiah when Mary and Joseph presented Him to the Lord.

b.  We Interpret the signs of the times by studying prophecy and through spiritual insight.

c.  Sign of the prophet Jonah— Jesus would be raised from the dead after three days, just as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days before being spit out alive.

3.  a. The false doctrine taught by the religious leaders—the Pharisees and Sadducees

b.  The disciples were thinking about temporal things. Perhaps after Jesus expected them to feed the crowds on at least two occasions, and since Jesus asked them about the bread supply, it must have been their responsibility. They had difficulty switching gears and discerning when Jesus was speaking of spiritual things.

c.  The disciples were still worrying about their next meal rather than what Jesus was teaching them. They still didn’t trust Him to supply their needs nor did they focus on what was important. Sort of like Martha.

d.  When we focus on our long list of things to do, the noise in the background, and the frustrating circumstances, we miss His still small voice. We also miss what He wants us to see, smell, taste, share, and give along the way.