BSF Matthew Lesson 19 Day 4

Study of Matthew 18:15-20 — My answers to BSF study questions on Lesson 19 Day 4

9.  a.  In this passage, Paul uses the analogy of a human body to illustrate the unique and vital role of each believer. Because each person is important to the overall function and unity, if one member is dysfunctional due to sin, the body will feel sick.

b.  Stages to follow when one Christian sins against another:

  • Go to the one who sinned and show him his fault, one on one.
  • If he or she will not listen, go back taking along one or two others who are impartial. This could be considered arbitration if the offender has sinned against you and not fallen into sin of some sort. 
  • If the person refuses to listen, present it to the assembly.
  • If he or she STILL refuse to listen even to the assembly, the assembly must disassociate from the person.

10.  a. Humble, loving, forgiving, comforting, and gentle restoration

b.   Repentance and restoration

11.  a.  In interceding for someone, we are binding the forces of evil that seek to destroy them and binding the sowing and reaping effects of the sin committed (Galatians 6:7-8). This is delivering over to Satan for to destroy their flesh as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 5:5 and 1 Timothy 1:19-20. In this sense, we loose Satan to give them what their sin deserves. Even in this, the purpose is still that they will come to the end of themselves and return as did the prodigal son.

b.  Where two or three gather in unity, Jesus is there with them.

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