BSF Matthew Lesson 2, Day 1, Day 2


  • In the genealogy relayed by Matthew, Bathsheba’s name isn’t mentioned. She is identified as “the wife of Uriah.” This honors Uriah and his character.
  • The genealogy contains men and women of questionable character and invalidating pedigree. If Matthew was making it up, he would have cleaned it up.

2. The weight of evidence that no other man can bring legal, documented proof that he is descended directly and indisputably from the royal lineage of David impacted me greatly. While I already believed Jesus is the Messiah and believed the validity of his lineage, I did not consider that His lineage could have been questioned while He was living and up until the temple was destroyed. This is valuable to me since I have unbelieving, Jewish family members.


3.  a.

  • The Magi from the east—They saw the star signifying the birth of the king of the Jews. They traveled a great distance seeking to worship Him.
  • King Herod—Jesus was born during his reign. When he heard about the Magi’s search for the king of the Jews, he questioned them—feigning a similar interest in offering worship.
  • Chief priests and teachers of the law—King Herod sought their knowledge concerning the prophesied birthplace of the king. It never occurred to me that Herod was aware of the prophesy and knew that teachers of the law would know the details. He considered the birth of this infant a formidable threat to his reign.


  • Those who are wise—Jesus seekers who desire to worship Him.
  • Those who see Jesus as a threat to their self-centered way of life.
  • Those who see Christ followers as infidels—a threat to their demonically-inspired religion.
  • The religious who seek to enslave followers under their special blend of law and grace.

c. (Personal) The path I have chosen is to seek Him with all my heart and with all my soul. (Deuteronomy 4:29) That said, I am sadly and frustratingly prone to wandering off the path. On my back, I carry varied and sundry selfish ways. I hope to see as I look back, a path littered with “ways” once and for all forsaken and left behind. (I’m visualizing the story of Heidi who, rather than packing her clothing, wore all of them. As she climbed the mountain to her grandfather’s house, she shed the burdening layers! Oh to be a spiritual minimalist!)


  • Christ’s deity—his origin predates humanity—”whose origins are from of old
  • Christ’s humanity—his human ancestry—”Judah, out of you will come…”
  • Christ’s kingship—”one who will be ruler over Israel”



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