BSF Matthew Lesson 21 Day 3


Holy Bible by univrsltransl8r

Holy Bible by univrsltransl8r

Study of Matthew 20:1-16 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

7.  a.  Verse 1 of chapter 20 begins with the word “for” which connects it to the previous verse. Since chapters and verses were added later and were not part of the original manuscripts, we should look to see if the thought in a new chapter is a continuation of the previous text. In this case, the conjunction “for” means the parable further explains the preceding statement.

Those who came last made the most money per hour. In the pay-scale for work rendered, the last were first and the first were last.

b.  God is the landowner of the kingdom of heaven. In Luke 10:2, Jesus calls Him “the Lord of the Harvest.” Because all of the laborers in the parable did the work they were hired to do and worked until the end of the day, they were equally rewarded. The landowner treated them fairly because each was paid the amount promised. 

Those who worked longer felt they should have received a greater reward, but the landowner showed his sovereign right to determine their pay.

c.  The older brother and the men who worked all day begrudged the ones who seemed to get the better deal. They focused on themselves saying, “but what about me? What about my faithfulness?” 

In both cases, they pointed to their own good works.

Salvation, grace, mercy, and rewards are gifts from our Heavenly Father. 

d.  We are all co-laborers. I must remember the harvest is to be our focus rather than obtaining an important position in the kingdom or being noticed by the “right” people. Remember to rejoice along with those in heaven instead of complaining about me.

e.  Lord, Your grace is amazing.

Your law was a standard intended to show me its impossibility…

So I would run into Your arms.

I’m so thankful for Your unmerited favor.

And Your loving-kindness.

And Your goodness and mercy

That follow me around all day.

Thank You for a sparkling clean garment

Every time I stumble and get mine dirty.

Thank You for wiping away my tears of regret.

Thank You for being patient with me.

Thank You for listening intently when I pour out my deepest fears.

Thank You that You never look like You’d rather be somewhere else.

You never shake Your head at me in disappointment.

Thank You for believing in me before I believed in You.

Thank You for Your compassion.

I see it in Your eyes.

Oh, those amazing eyes!

Shinning with love that pierces my very soul.


There must be a stronger word,

For what I see in You.

Lord, You’re amazing!

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