BSF Matthew Lesson 28 Day 2

Study of  Matthew 27:32-50 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

3.  a.  Jesus’ crucifixion means—

b.  1 Peter 2:24 is the most comforting and exciting verse about the Crucifixion. That covers it all. (This nagging cough and congestion must to go now! It is trespassing.)

4.  a.  Assuming Simon’s family joined him in the trip to Jerusalem for the Passover Festival, this was more excitement than they ever expected.

Being from out-of-town*, they probably inquired about the proceedings and the accused. Perhaps they decided to remain in Jerusalem and were present at the day of Pentecost.

*Cyrene was a city in North Africa where extensive ruins still exist near the modern-day Shahhat in Libya. Many Jews had moved to the area of Cyrene in the third century B.C., and it is probable that Simon was a Jew from that area who had come to Jerusalem for Passover. Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary.

b.  The fact that Mark 15:21 names Simon’s two sons suggests he became known to the early church. I had not noticed that before.

Being asked to carry the cross was a life changing experience for him and his family. God knew his heart and chose him as he just so happened to pass by at the right moment.

c.  The details about Simon who carried the cross is certainly worth sharing. Every glimpse of a divine appointment is so encouraging.

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