BSF Matthew Lesson 5 Day 3

5.  Challenge question: Explanation of blessing linked to character traits

  • Poor in spirit—Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.—coheirs with Jesus of the kingdom prepared for us since the creation of the world. It is also within us.

  • Mourn—They will be comforted.—We will be brought into complete unity with Him. We will know the Father loves us just as He loves His Son.

  • Meek—They will inherit the earth.—We will reign with Christ on the earth; will be rewarded openly for

  • Hunger and thirst for righteousness—They will be filled.—completely satisfied

  • Merciful—They will be shown mercy—Give and it will be given. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

  • Pure in heart—They will see God.—Spend eternity with Him in the life to come. But I believe we can also see Him in this life if we renew our minds, crucifying our flesh so that there is nothing between us and Him.

  • Peacemaker—They will be called the children of God.

  • Persecuted for the sake of righteousness—Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.—great (strong and intense) is your reward in heaven, you are in great company with the prophets who were also persecuted; the Spirit and the glory of God rests on you!

6.  a.

  • Opposite of poor in spirit—boastful, self-confident, shameless, unrepentant, self-righteous

  • Opposite of mourn—This is a tough one because the opposite of mourning is generally positive. I came up with apathetic—they just don’t care or take their spiritual condition seriously, shameless.

  • Opposite of meek—arrogant boasters, high-and-mighty, believing they are better, smarter, more important, and more righteous than others.

  • Opposite of hunger and thirst for righteousness—again, apathetic, shameless, lovers of darkness,

  • Opposite of merciful—unforgiving, demanding, impatient, pitiless, heartless, cold-hearted, inhumane, cruel

  • Opposite of pure in heart—wicked, polluted, corrupted, immoral, impure, adulterated

  • Opposite of peacemaker—divisive, causing dissension, disagreeable, easily offended, unforgiving, gossip(?)

  • Opposite of persecuted for the sake of righteousness—of the world, ashamed of the gospel, forsaking our first love, compromising our beliefs, conformed to this world.

b. (Very personal) I was persecuted by my former husband of 23 years. Although he professed to be a believer, he loved money. He sought it with all his heart and strength. He persecuted me whenever I set my heart to seek God at any cost. Somehow he knew—even though he was working most of the time.

I backed down on several occasions, but ultimately committed myself to press in— even if it meant death. Or worse (to me)—divorce.

He wasn’t physically abusive exactly. There were times he accidentally hit me. He was at the least, very careless around me.

He regularly screamed at me until he lost his voice. Paralyzed with fear, I never said a word during his tirades.

The oppressive atmosphere became so severe, I could hardly eat or sleep. I lost so much weight, I looked anorexic.

He finally decided he would leave, thinking I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own—without his money. I actually believed it, too.

It was a lie.

I’m not proud of myself. I feel like a failure. It is embarrassing. Humiliating.

Right now I’m in turmoil over whether or not I should delete this.

I want to.


I will leave it, because I believe I’m supposed to. Someone needs to read this.

I have had some incredible, indescribable experiences with God. I am so in awe of Him. His goodness and His kindness. His mercy. His love.

Oh, His extravagant, immeasurable love! Reach out to Him. Tell Him your fears. Write them down. I have a stack of notebooks from those days. Most is too painful to read. But some of it takes my breath away!

Seek Him. He is so worth it!


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