BSF Matthew Lesson 5 Lecture Notes

Notes I took during the lecture:

  • Blessed—a person favored by God—could also be translated as congratulations. Some translations use the word happy. But in our culture, happy usually represents a reaction to circumstances. In this instance, it would have to mean a state of joy outside our circumstances.

  • Poor in Spirit—spiritually bankrupt—We know we need God.

  • Mourn—despising our sinfulness and the sinfulness of others—their sin not the sinner

  • Meek does not mean weak—It means power under control. Submitting to the control of the Holy Spirit.

  • Hunger and thirst for righteousness—hunger for the things of God; desire for holiness

  • Mercy—God seeks out sinners to draw them to repentance. We should show mercy to those who sin against us. If we do, we will experience the mercy of God.

  • Pure in heart—One who has single-minded devotion to God will see Him as He is.

  • Peacemakers—not just peaceful, taking action to bring peace; Opposite of divisive; We were given peace with God; We bear witness to the peace that is offered through belief in Christ.

  • Persecuted for the sake of righteousness—Happy are the harassed; People are depraved and hate those who are spotless like Christ.

The life that God blesses displays His values inwardly and outwardly. No person can do this in his own strength. Apart from Him, we have no purity. His teaching is so far from what the church is. We should post the attributes on our mirror and memorize them. Pray, “Lord help me remember & become these characteristics.

The extent of our commitment to the teachings of Christ is the extent of our influence in this life we live. The world cannot do anything but grow worse, because it has no inherent goodness.

What type of flavor do I lend to the groups of which I am a part?

Do others around me get thirsty for God?

Jesus said we are salt and light to the world. Something about us is different. He empowers us.

How am I bringing light to the world?


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