BSF Matthew Lesson 6 Day 2

3.  a. Jesus came to fulfill all of the law AND all of the prophets in the Old Testament.

b.  Recognize that the first testament represents the first covenant, points toward and proclaims the coming of Jesus as the Messiah who will establish the second covenant.

c.  Father God in Jesus’ name sent the Holy Spirit to instruct us in and remind us of his words. If we ask for wisdom and understanding, He promises to give us what we ask for. Luke 11:11

d.  The Bible came alive to me at age 15 when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit— Since then, through diligently applying myself to the study of the word and relying on the Holy Spirit to guide me. It primarily occurs when I’m writing rather than when I’m reading or listening to the Bible. That’s why I write.

4.  a.  The moral laws set forth in the ten commandments required man to discipline himself to follow them. Since man found this impossible—aside from the rich young ruler who insisted he had kept them from his youth—periodic sacrificing of animals was required. Jesus boiled down the moral laws to matters of the heart—love your neighbor as yourself.

b.  Jesus became the passover lamb by shedding his blood on behalf of the sins of all mankind thereby fulfilling the first covenant requirement for the forgiveness of sin for those who repent and receive forgiveness. Jesus is now the only way and the only means of atonement.

c.  Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophesies recorded in the Old Testament. Forgive me if I don’t list them all here.

The links below go into more detail.

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