BSF Matthew Lesson 8 Day 4

9.  a. Counterfeit versus genuine

Wide gate and broad road; most popular; leads to destruction—Matthew 7:13


Narrow gate and straitened is the road; few find it; leads to life—Matthew 7:14

Good tree—bears good fruit; cannot bear bad fruit—Matthew 7:16-20


Bad tree—bears bad fruit; cannot bear good fruit; will be cut down and thrown into the fire—Matthew 7:16-20

b. Additional contrast in Luke 6:43-45

Good (upright, honorable) man—produces good out of the good treasure stored in his heart.


Evil man—produces evil, depraved, wicked out of the evil treasure stored in his heart.

“…for out of the abundance (overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45c

10.  a.  By using the term false prophets rather than false teachers, it seems to me this is more than matters of doctrinal differences. It is a matter of the heart. Is their intent good or evil?

b.  Those who oppose God’s Word—

  • are savage wolves.

  • get in among the flock.

  • will sometimes rise up from among us.

  • speak perverse things.

  • endeavor to draw away disciples to follow after them.

  • subtly bring in destructive heresies.

  • many will follow their immoral ways and lascivious doings.

  • the true Way will be maligned and defamed.

  • their spirits are not of God.

Truly false teachers are not sincere though possibly misguided.

c.  What I learn from Matthew 7:13-20—

  • Test the spirit behind teaching or prophecy.

  • Study and meditate on God’s Word so that I’m not like the blind being led by the blind.

  • Guard my own heart.

  • Keep my GPS set on life.

  • Inspect their fruit rather than their charisma.

  • Follow Christ rather than man.




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