BSF Matthew Lesson 9 Day 4

10.  a.  I think Jesus perceived his heart. Since the scribe was a temple insider accustomed to the honor afforded his position, perhaps he had selfish motives. Jesus had just performed some grandiose miracles. To be associated with someone attracting multitudes could be good for his own career.

However, in His reply, Jesus focuses on the scribe’s expectation of creature comforts. I’m interested in seeing what the notes have to say about this.

b.  I think Jesus was referring to the spiritually dead burying the physically dead. The Amplified Bible further interprets “bury my father” as “await the death of my father.” So, it seems his father wasn’t already dead.

While honoring his father appears admirable, the delay in following Christ showed he was torn between his earthly obligation and his spiritual commitment. Or his motivation may have been his own earthly inheritance.

Perhaps, Jesus knowing His own time of ministry on earth was short, He knew He needed followers willing to drop everything and commit 100%.

Following the excitement generated by the sermon, the crowds, and the miracles, Jesus knew some were simply stirred up temporarily. Their own words conveyed what was truly in their hearts.

That still doesn’t explain Judas.

c.  Luke includes a third rejected disciple who wanted to first go home and say goodbye. This gives added emphasis to the importance of following Jesus immediately and without reservation.

11.  a.  Trust (without reservation) and obey (without delay).

b.  I’m convicted of the times I have felt like I heard the Lord direct me to do something, and I didn’t immediately obey. Instead, I contemplated other conflicting obligations, what others might think, how obedience would fit in to my own plans, etc. How foolish.

Then there were times I plunged right in only to create what seemed like a big mess.

At least I only appeared foolish.

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