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6 thoughts on “David and Nicole Binion

  1. I would love to have an MP3 of this live worship. It still affects me every time I listen. Studio recordings just aren’t the same.

  2. I have also been in a service with The Binions, and was so uplifted as I listened to them worship our Lord. I knew some of the songs, but they added a new sound to everyone of them. The songs I didn’t know was easy to learn due to the screen. It was awesome. I am also a P&W leader, but I gotta say it was a fresh fire for my soul. I love them and their music. I ask the Lord to bless them.

  3. I believe the Binions have a christian version to the Beatles song Come together. I am helping with our churches youth group and the kids seem to love the beatles song. I would love to find out the christian lyrics to teach them if anyone knows them.

  4. I’ve been in the same church the binions used to be in and they are true believers of our God and Lord. So it is nice to hear new worship songs to and for our lord. Some people need to expand there minds great worship is great to our Lord.

  5. I believe you should TEACH the body of Christ/worship leaders to lead us into His presence rather than to perform…to sing TO HIM rather than ABOUT HIM as if He weren’t PRESENT…to offer up lyrics that are familiar so we can close our eyes and SEE HIM as we sing??????

    • One of the things that cause me to watch The Binion’s extremely close and listen to their music is it is so much about making Jesus beautiful in the eyes of those around. He is lifted up and glorified. I have had the pleasure of meeting David Binion and even speaking with him afterward, he was so full of my Beautiful Jesus that it was a true pleasure to speak with him.

      I hope I read your question and got the spirit of the question correct. Being a worship leader, we should be singing to Jesus, yes Anne, but some people will judge how we worship Jesus not while we sing, but how we act after the song is through. I agree it should be familiar songs with lyrics many know, but learning takes time, that is why I always favor easy songs with easy lyrics and melody. A lot of the new songs, as well as some of the very old ones, are very hard for a congregation to follow, not to mention the loudness of the bands which makes it hard to hear the congregation sing, which is where a leader should get their contentment from knowing they lead and heard that person singing. It is not about the leader, but about the God we worship and bring His people before him.

      I am all for bands, but not some of the ones I have seen of late. I am all for worship songs that minister, not ramp up. Once the hype dies down, not much is left of the worship. My rule of thumb, if I have not pointed to Jesus during the time I lead worship, made Him Beautiful, and Glorified, and lead His people to see Him and seek Him more and love Him more, then I just wasted a whole lot of time.