Prayer for Release of Bitterness

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for all bitterness, all grudges, animosity, anger and hatred, and desires of wickedness that I’ve harbored in my heart toward your people through bitterness.

I ask you to forgive me for every injustice that I’ve done in word, in thought, and in deed toward myself and toward others. I choose to forgive every oppressor in my life who has caused me anguish, torment, turmoil and pain. I forgive them. I release them, those I remember and those I do not remember.

Every seed of bitterness that has been planted in my life that has brought defilement, that has brought uncleanness, profaneness, wickedness, I renounce in the name of Jesus. I give up all the ground for wormwood, gall, bitterness, anguish, and torment in my life.

Father I ask you to heal me of every dysfunction that is in my life because of bitterness. I renounce all hatred. I renounce all violence. I renounce any links to murder that are in my blood line.

I ask you to bring deliverance in my soul. Set me free in my mind of all torture, all emotional bondage and pain, all wickedness, and all control.

I come out of agreement of witchcraft, of manipulation, and domination and covenants against my life and that I’ve used against others. I break all covenants with hurt, with pain, in the name of Jesus.

I renounce all demons that came in through injustice done against me. I break all assignments in the name of Jesus.

Father, I come out of all covenants with all forms of bitterness connected to death, hell and the grave.

I break all assignments that cut off life both naturally and spiritually through bitterness, through hurt, through unforgiveness, in the name of Jesus.

I choose to forgive every and all family members and the saints who have hurt me, that have caused affliction, conflict, confusion, destruction, distraction and error in my life.

I forgive them from the heart and I ask you to bring deliverance in my soul. Set me free!

Every area of my will that’s rebelled against you because of bitterness in the soul, I renounce all rebellion and I sever all ties to his messengers. You said an evil and a cruel messenger shall be sent unto him that is rebellious. I renounce all messengers of death, messengers of sickness, messengers of disease, messengers of poverty, messengers of failure, and messengers of affliction I renounce in the name of Jesus.

And Father, I ask you, deliver me from any and all witchcraft that’s rooted in bitterness. I renounce all fornication and profaneness and defilement that’s rooted in bitterness, in the name of Jesus.

Lord I receive grace for freedom. I receive grace for deliverance, in Jesus name!


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