Romans Lesson 3 Day 5

Romans 2:25-29

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Romans Lesson 3 Day 5

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12. a. Circumcise every male. Genesis 17:11 MSG

Surgery that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) covering the tip of the penis. Circumcision may be performed for religious, cultural reasons or health reasons.

Circumcision is used in the literal and figurative sense. (Strong’s)

Circumcision was like an initiation into the Jewish community that guaranteed his salvation.

“The Jew believed that his circumcision guaranteed his salvation. He might be punished in the world to come, but could never be lost.” Guzik

In Paul’s day, some Rabbis taught that Abraham sat at the entrance of hell and made certain that none of his circumcised descendants went there. Some Rabbis also taught “God will judge the Gentiles with one measure and the Jews with another” and “All Israelites will have part in the world to come.” (Barclay)

b. Some believe the “initiation ritual” of baptism is enough for salvation.

“The water ritual (Baptism) came to mean the washing away of sin, and the oil ritual (Confirmation) was interpreted to mean the sweet fragrance of God’s presence: sanctifying grace.” Link

13. The true Jew is Jewish on the inside.

“But the true Jew is Jewish on the inside—in secret places no one but God can see—and true circumcision involves the heart; it comes from the Spirit, not from some written code. The praise and reputation of that kind of Jew come from God, not from man.” Romans 2:29 Voice

The Jews of the first century had ignored the circumcision of the heart and had focused all their attention on the flesh (1 Samuel 16:7). Paul was clarifying that it is the condition of the heart–not the flesh–that makes someone a child of God. Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary

It was always about the work of God in our hearts.

All the outward signs of religion may earn us praise from men, but they will not earn us praise from God. The evidence of our rightness with God is not contained in outward signs or works, and it is not assured because of our parentage. The evidence is found in the work of God in our heart which shows itself in fruit. Guzik

“So circumcise the foreskin of your [minds and] hearts; be no longer stubborn and hardened.” Deuteronomy 10:16 AMP

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