Simple Church vs Audience Church

Each believer is a temple.  A church.

But we need fellowship with other Temples.

It seems like it should be simple enough. Worshiping simply in small groups. Taking care of each other. Feeding the hungry. Taking care of widows and orphans. Healing the sick. Setting the captives free.

What it doesn’t mean is do enough marketing so hopefully a few lost/sick/bound souls will walk into one of our special commercial buildings.

The TRUE mission statement of most churches is “Join us and get plugged in.”

Traditional churches are what I call audience church. The special people sit up front. On the elevated platform in throne-like chairs or in reserved seats on the front row.

The not-quite-so-special are plugged in elsewhere – nursery, children’s church, parking lot, counting money or pew-sitting in the audience.

Being in an audience, week after week, in the same building, doesn’t work for me. So I get plugged in.

I was taught all my life – that’s what serving the Lord means.

I’ve been burned out on traditional church a number of times during my adult life although I didn’t realize it was burnout until this last time.

I’m in recovery mode right now. (Two and a half years and counting.) Mad Church Disease and So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore helped me to stop beating myself up as well as not letting anyone else do so.

I’ve also learned I am not alone.

Right now I’m working on this: “ask God to begin revealing his plans for you. Jot down some initial impressions as you seek God’s will. Ask him for the strength you’ll need to make tough choices and to commit to whatever it is he shows you.”

Last year I looked into Bible Study Fellowship.  It is decidedly mainstream protestant. (I grew up Southern Baptist, and it feels like that.) But I will say I have done more in-depth Bible study in the past few months than I have ever done. Or been encouraged to do.  I highly recommend it.

Other than that, I’m still off the grid.

Addition books on the subject (I’ve not yet read these):

Leaving Church

You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church

I’m looking for recommendations for further reading. If you can relate and have a blog or know of any blogs, books, etc. you found helpful, please post in the comment section below. Thanks in advance…

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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