Stillborn Baby Raised From the Dead

Testimony of a Resurrection: Stillborn Baby Raised by Praying Teens – 27 Hours after the baby was delivered

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kathie Walters Ministries has forwarded an amazing testimony involving teenage prayer warriors on a mission trip to Guatemala. God is doing great things among those who are willing to be used of Him. I am reminded of Habakkuk’s prayer: “LORD, I have heard of Your fame; I stand in awe of Your deeds, O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known…” May we ALL be willing to be used by God to bring life in a world filled with death. –Aimee Herd, BCN.

Dear friends,

This is a testimony from a young lady in our church (14), who was part of team used by God to raise a stillborn baby from the dead in Guatemala. We know this young lady personally. Her character and integrity are without reproach. You are about to read a bona fide, contemporary Lazarus resurrection story. This is as close to the flame of a literal resurrection from the dead as we have ever been!

BIG blessings,
Dave and Anita

Aimee Herd ( July 3, 2008 )

“The other villagers came to the house to see this amazing miracle. They asked us which of the Indian gods we had prayed to for such a miracle to happen. We told them we had prayed to the biggest God ever and we began to explain to them about Jesus.”

Testimony from Abby:

“My name is Abby. I am 14 years old. I live in western North Carolina. During the summer of 2008, I went on a ministry trip to Guatemala. During part of the trip, we divided up into small ministry teams (5 to 7 people) and visited different villages in the San Pedro La Laguna area. We traveled from village to village telling the Indian people about Jesus. On one particular day, we were visiting in the home of a young woman. She lived in a small village of about 14 or 15 houses. We were trying to lead the young lady to Christ, but it was not going very well. After awhile, we decided to move on. Before leaving, we asked the woman if we could pray with her about anything in her life. She told us that just the day before, she had given birth to a stillborn baby and that we could pray with her about that.

“In Guatemalan culture, there is great shame and condemnation on mothers who give birth to deformed or stillborn children. We prayed a simple prayer that everything would go well with the funeral and burial of the baby and that the mother would be spared the shame and condemnation associated with having given birth to a stillborn child. As we were praying this simple prayer, my friend and fellow ministry team member, Julia (age 17), told me that we needed to pray over the baby’s body. I thought she was crazy to suggest this and that it was not a good idea. Julia was persistent. She said again that we really needed to pray over the baby’s body. She told me to ask the mother if she still had the baby’s body. When I asked, the mother told us the baby’s body was wrapped up in a burial cloth in the back room. I asked her if we could pray over the body. The mother hesitantly said, yes. We went into the back room and saw the baby’s body wrapped up in a bundle on the bed. Julia poked her head out of the back room and asked if she could unwrap the baby’s head. The mother said, yes, if we wrapped it back correctly when we were done. Julia picked up the body and unwrapped the head. The baby’s head was tiny and pale. The baby was stillborn and had been dead outside the womb for 27 hours. Her skin had turned shades of purple. Our entire ministry team, five of us, began crying and praying over this baby.

“We prayed for thirty to forty minutes. At the end of that time, Julia screamed out to God, telling Him that she believed with all of her heart that this baby could be raised from the dead. After Julia screamed out, everyone was silent. We were quietly interceding and praying. Within a few minutes, the baby started moving. Then the baby coughed and began crying. The mother came rushing into the room. She was screaming, what is going on? No one could answer her. We were just staring at the baby, who had come back to life. The mother asked us again, what is going on? She began crying as she saw that her baby was alive. She ran out of the house and banged on every door in the village, telling all of the people that God is real because her baby was alive. Within about thirty minutes, the baby’s skin tone and movements had become completely normal.

“The other villagers came to the house to see this amazing miracle. They asked us which of the Indian gods we had prayed to for such a miracle to happen. We told them we had prayed to the biggest God ever and we began to explain to them about Jesus. Soon, we realized we would not have time to minister salvation to each person individually. So, we gathered all the villagers together, turned on our little sound system and explained the way of salvation. Everyone in the village, 80 to 90 people, prayed to receive Jesus. Each of them was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. Many would fall to the ground as the power of the Holy Spirit came on them.

“Five days later, we returned to the village to check in on the mother and the baby. The village had prepared a big dinner in honor of our team. We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship together. The baby, whom they named Julia, was perfectly healthy and had gained weight. Even after five days, the mother was still shaking from the impact of God on her life through the resurrection of her child. Two days after our follow-up visit, the mother brought baby Julia to church. The mother was still shaking from the power of God on her life following this astounding miracle.”


Source: Breaking Christian News

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23 thoughts on “Stillborn Baby Raised From the Dead

  1. I totally beleive this miracle because God is a good God! He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. I experience many wonderful healing miracle myself as well as in my own family siblings such as my brother was raise from the dead and the protection of God for my youngest sister. I am holding to the living word of the bible truth for my baby in my womb which is now 20 weeks. There is nothing impossible for God and it’s really true!

    God bless you all,
    From Thailand

  2. Thank you for posting this testimony.
    Our Lord still does miracles and Jesus who
    is in us still has power over death.

  3. Glory to the Name of God!

    Thirty two years ago my own daughter was healed miraculously at the age of 6 years from an orthopedic problem with which she was born, when someone prayed for her healing in Jesus’ Name, just a few weeks before she was bound for very, very serious surgery. In my own body (I am now 66 years of age) I experienced a number of times that His word is true, where it emphatically declares: “… and by His stripes we are healed!”. So I believe that we can enjoy good health by His Grace, until the time comes when He takes us Home – whether through physical death, or at the time of His returning.

    I am not a great computer boffin, and do not know how to forward this wonderful testimony about the resurrection of the stillborn baby, to relatives and friends; would you mind sending it to my E-mail address, please?

    Kind regards,
    Assie Van der Westhuizen
    Pringle Bay
    South Africa.

  4. This is a very moving story. And also if i might add, if the woman was still shaking after all that time, maybe she has a medical condition that needs to be taken care of!

  5. I want to remind EVERYONE that not only do miracles happen as the direct result of prayer there IS PROOF!!! Check this out:

    The thing about about answers to prayer is that we fight a POWERFUL enemy, made so by generations of unbelief within Christendom and the world.

    When faced with a demon that would not be cast out, Jesus told the disciples that this type came out only with prayer and fasting. And Jesus went on to lament the unbelief of the generation.

    We know that Daniel’s prayers were heard immediately, but even the main waring angel Michael was delayed 21 days by the enemy… This shows that our enemy, and the battle is a very real deal! Not to mock the flippant proclamations of popular Christianity today that state, “Jesus paid it all on the cross”, He did! However, as functional members of the spiritual Body of Christ it has been my observation that our sufferings many times are used by Christ. Paul mentioned his sufferings as, “Making up that which was lacking in Christ’s sufferings”. Not that intrinsically Christ, or His suffering could by inherent weakness lack anything, but by His choice, He chose to use the experiences of His body to fulfill His purpose of suffering. As Paul said, “To share the suffering of Christ”, not merely symbolically, but in an empathic phenomenon that connects His suffering to ours in a timeless state (He was slain before the foundation of the world).

    In plain English, Jesus uses our experiences to fulfill His mission to Earth by CHOICE, not any inherent weakness… So when we suffer, consider that when we have done all we can in prayer, fasting and waiting on God, that there may be a reason we are suffering greater than mere futility.

  6. Not to diminish this apparent miracle in any way, but in the news now there is a story of a stillborn baby found alive in the morgue six hours after being declared dead. But unfortunately later did die.,2933,405961,00.html

    Miracles do happen today, even if there possible natural explanations.

    We will see more miracles in the coming days that leave no room for doubt!

  7. Hey i also live in North Carolina, and just got elected chaplin of my school(its a small christian school) i was wondering if there was anyway i could get in touch of any of the teen members and have them speak in a chapel.

  8. Jungleswife…

    Praise God for the health of your son! Maybe if I expected the miraculous I would see it more…and not be such a skeptic! ;) I do understand about the things others said regarding your mother, I experienced the same w/ our loss. The whole experience definitely included lessons in forgiveness as well! I’m glad I came across your site and could add something for another’s sake, however small it may have been…we have been comforted so we can offer that same comfort to others, right? (a paraphrase, I know). Thanks for your ministry here, I’ve saved it as a favorite so I can check back.

    In His Hands,

  9. Jenny, thanks for your compassionate response to Jody’s comment. I was at a loss. When my mom died of cancer at age 38, even though she believed God would heal her, well-meaning people said a lot of things that made me feel worse. So I certainly didn’t want to make that mistake.

    I don’t believe sickness, disease and premature death are God’s will. And I still believe in miracles. My mom lived seven years after her doctors said she would be dead in a month. She received no chemotherapy or radiation and nothing was surgically removed. So she did receive healing, although I didn’t realize that until recently. For years I focused on her death rather than the gift of those seven years.

    All of us will die at some point unless Jesus returns first. Otherwise, Lazarus would still be with us.

    My son’s kidney’s failed when he was two years old. The prognosis after two weeks was not good. To the astonishment of his doctors, his kidneys started working again. Today, he is 33 years of age with no further kidney problems.

    The challenge we all face is learning to trust Him, regardless of what happens to us in this life. If Jesus never did anything else but provide forgiveness for my sins and eternal life in His holy presence, it’s more than I deserve.

  10. Jody, nothing is impossible w/ God. I too have had a stillborn child. It’s a horrible, horrible thing. But my loss doesn’t discount that God can raise a child to life if He wills. To me, the fact that the village people were brought to the Lord through this miracle is evidence that it can be true, and I’m pretty much skeptical of the miraculous! But God will do what He will to bring the lost to life in Him. The loss of our children is terrible, but as believers we have assurance that they rest in Jesus and hope of seeing them again. Where might those people be in eternity if God had not acted as He did w/ this child? Just my own thoughts on the matter…

    May God comfort you in your losses,

  11. This is not possible. I have lost two children, one to stillbirth and one to prematurity. Nobody could have prayed harder than me to have just one of them saved but they weren’t. I’m very upset by this story as I do not believe one word of it.

  12. Praise God that Julia listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit!
    May He be praised now and forever more!!!!!

  13. Thank you for supplying the additional information, Obie.

    Thanks to everyone else joining me in giving praise to God for His wondrous acts.

    For all of us “ordinary” Christians, it is exciting to be reminded that God can use us in extraordinary ways.

  14. Great stuff…… I know that He lives in these days. Good to hear they were young christians…fantastic… keep it up….May God keep blessing you all

  15. The name of the village where this miracle occurred is La Laguna. It consists of about 15 houses and is located in the San Pedro La Laguna area. The location is about a 9 hour bus ride from Guatemala City. i do not have the name of the mother

  16. Praise the living God,
    He is Today Tomorrow and forever
    God Bless that Baby and the Mother
    God Bless you all

  17. On July 4th, 2008, Friday night, this miracle was mentioned at the Lakeland Outpouring.

    I hope the girls will do an interview at some point. It would be powerful to hear it in their own words.

  18. Can you tell me in which village this happended and the name of the mother. I ask this becauses testimonies in the Bliblke always gives teh fulle stoy of where it happended and which people are involvesd in the miracle.
    Please tell me because it helps me to believe what God is doiing in this revival.

    God bless you all
    with love

    The Netherlands

  19. This testimony is …. AWESOME…..

    I’m … speechless…

    I’ve been glued to the post from the time I started to read it until I read the last word…