Words, Suddenlies, and Miracles

A person I just “added” as a friend on FaceBook (because she was a friend of several of my other Jesus Freak buddies,) gave me the following word last week.  Since we have never met – and since this was exactly what I needed at the moment – I am still in awe.

Since she gave me this word, I have experienced SEVEN “suddenlies” – answers to prayer in dramatic and unexpected fashion that completely reversed a critical situation – leaving no room for doubt it was the hand of God.

I am also thankful for another online buddy who prayed about one of my challenges.  Three of the miracles are an answer to that one prayer.  He is having a challenging week, so my praise report encouraged him tremendously!  Encouraging him blessed me, again!  Glory!

As I reread the word this morning, I felt I should share it here.

Be encouraged!

He is well able to do “it” for you.
To pick up the pieces and put “it” back together
and to move on your behalf.
He’s crafty*, like you
Accurate and concise.
He is a wordsmith, like you.
But trust the Holy Spirit to speak.
Depend on Him.
Don’t lose hope!
* I took that in a good way, since I make quilts.
My take away on the word –

He knows me inside and out.

I am created in His image.

He takes note of my strengths – not my weaknesses.

He reminds me that He is willing and able.  I can trust Him.

It always comes back to trust, doesn’t it?

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